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A Banker Bonus Dilemma for Reformers

Would a stiff tax on banker bonuses blunt Wall Street profiteering — or let the vast majority of America’s wealthy off the hook?

Banker Bonus Bingo: Every Card's a Winner

Can excess on Wall Street ever be ended? Maybe. Some lawmakers in France have a plan that could end it.

The Great Recession’s Phony New ‘Silver Lining’

Hard times, a rash of new media reports now assures us, are significantly narrowing the gap between the rich and everybody else. So why are so many super rich still smiling?

Watch Out Wall Street, Here Come the Dutch!

All the big banks in the Netherlands, pressed on by the Dutch finance minister, have agreed on a serious plan to restrain banker bonuses. And now the Dutch want the rest of the world to sign on.

Making Wall Street Safe for Windfalls

Remember that $500,000 pay cap for bailed-out banking executives the White House announced back in February? Under Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s new rules for bailout pay, that maximum has become a minimum.

Back in the Wall Street Saddle Again

The awesomely affluent of high finance, if current trends continue, seem almost certain to survive the mess they’ve created — with their wealth and power largely intact. And Treasury and Congress don’t appear to really mind.

Remembering When Citigroup ‘Cared’ about Inequality

Citi analysts spent two years obsessing over luxury consumption by the rich. Last week, the ultimate symbol of that consumption — the fine art bubble — finally popped.

Did Derivatives Drive the Meltdown?

A noted World Bank economist is suggesting we need to concentrate less on the complexities of high finance and more on the noxious simplicity of our deeply unequal income distribution.

A Whole Lot of CEO Pay Shaking Going On

America’s top executives may have driven the U.S. economy into the ditch. But, hey, that’s no reason they should take a pay cut, it it? They certainly don’t think so.

The Bailout and CEO Pay: Untruth in Advertising

The Wall Street bailout legislation, despite claims to the contrary, does precious little to limit the outrageously extravagant pay rewards that give top executives the incentive to behave outrageously.