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The Tiny Tax that Truly Terrifies Wall Street

Robin Hood would not be happy if he happened upon our incredibly top-heavy modern world. But the new campaign to levy a tax on speculative trading would most likely have him breaking out in smiles.

On Wall Street, Still Tis the Season to Be Jolly?

Financial industry insiders are grousing about a big downturn in annual bonuses. They should be thanking the rest of us — bombshell new research shows — for their continuing awesome good tidings.

Our Chronic Cronyism — and Corruption

America’s top bankers and CEOs don’t have any more talent than millions of other Americans. They do have, two timely new data dumps remind us, plenty of generous friends in pivotal places. Read more . . .

Peddling Poison for Fun and Profit

Wall Streeters made fortunes, the new official report on America’s 2008 economic meltdown charges, defrauding the American public. They’re still making fortunes — and this official report is already sinking out of sight.

Life at the Top: An Endless Bowl of Bonuses

The latest figures on Wall Street bonus compensation reveal a recovery that starts — and stops — at America’s economic summit.

At Our Financial Summit, No Need to Fret

Newly victorious lawmakers have wasted no time rushing to show they really do care — about keeping Wall Streeters lavishly rewarded.

A New Field Guide to America’s Plutocracy

An up-close look at the early Obama administration — and the prodigious capacity of concentrated wealth to distort our political process. A review of A Presidency in Peril: The Inside Story of Obama’s Promise, Wall Street’s Power, and the Struggle to Control Our Economic Future, by Robert Kuttner

Washington and Wall Street: A ‘Democracy’ in Denial

Some Americans get all bent out of shape when they hear someone label the United States a ‘plutocracy.’ But if we have an honest-to-goodness democracy, where the people really rule, then how can we explain Goldman Sachs?

Wall Street’s Protection Racket: Still Rolling

To really reform big bank behavior, we need to scuttle the pay system that ‘entitles’ Wall Streeters to however much loot they can grab.

Wall Street’s Bonus Binge in Perspective

A relative handful of Americans, a key congressional panel forecasts, will take home more this year than half the nation’s taxpayers combined.