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The Charities Making Inequality Worse

A growing number of executives at America’s ‘do-good’ nonprofits are doing much too good — for themselves — at paycheck time.

Big Headlines for a Tiny Wage Hike

Billionaire banker Jamie Dimon announces a wage hike and says he’s fighting inequality. If we take him seriously, the joke — and much worse — will be on us.

Shareholders as Super Heroes?

Let’s stop waiting for corporate insiders to fix our growing executive pay mess. Say on pay isn’t fixing anything.

Must Modern Economies Nurture Narcissism?

To really take on grandiosity and greed, a new report from a prestigious CEO pay watchdog suggests, we may need to shove onto the global political stage the notion of a maximum wage.

America’s CEOs: In a Class All by Themselves

Workers in the United States don’t make double what workers make in Japan or Switzerland. Why should U.S. CEOs routinely make double — and often much more — than Japanese and Swiss top execs?

The Many Pipelines that Pump Our Wealth Up

Wage squeezes, share buybacks, and tax subsidies, three new progressive think tank studies show, are all combining to keep America’s high and mighty ever higher and mightier.

In High Finance, Humming a Happy Tune

The latest annual hedge fund industry pay stats have suits smiling — and ordinary mortals worrying about public education’s future.

Fast Fortunes: On the Diamond and Beyond

Baseball’s top hitter and Wall Street power suits both ply their trades in a high-speed world. That hitter will make over a quarter-billion in the next decade. The top suits stand to ‘earn’ astonishingly more.

At GM, A Revealing Hubbub over a New CEO

Equal pay for equal work? We still haven’t arrived at that destination. Decent pay that reflects the dignity of all who labor? In today’s America, we’ve barely even begun that journey.

One ‘Entitlement’ Really Does Need Trimming

America’s corporate CEOs feel entitled to pensions that pay out $86,000 monthly. To protect their entitlement, they’re attacking ours: Social Security.