Tracking Inequality

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A New Rationalization for Riches

Right-wingers are celebrating a deeply depressing new history of those rare moments where distributions of wealth have become significantly more equal.

What Makes a Recession ‘Great’?

People who lose their jobs tend to cut back on their household spending. But in a starkly unequal economy, they won’t be the only ones to deeply cut back their spending once unemployment starts rising.

An Arrogant Entrance, A Sad Exit

With a new White House committed to wealth’s concentration, we’ll sorely miss the scholar who dedicated his life to documenting wealth’s maldistribution.

A Cabinet for the Deep-Pocket Ages

Only in America, new stats from the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse show, could packing an incoming administration with gazillionaires be so easy.

Why 2016 May See Record Top 1%

America’s highest earners could be rushing to maximize their 2016 incomes after Election Day. But what happens next will be what really matters.

Still Feeling the Great Recession?

Want thrills in your life? Go ride a roller coaster. Want some economic security? Help make America more equal. A new study from three eminent economists explains why.

Can the Greedy Be Truly Generous?

Our hedge funds are celebrating another year of super earnings — with more crumbs for the victims of the political choices that have made hedgies so rich.

What Do Our Wealthiest Deserve?

Our world’s billionaires don’t merit either their billions, the economist Didier Jacobs suggests, or the right to claim we’re all somehow living in a ‘meritocracy.’

Inequality’s Top Scorekeeper?

That just may be Martine Durand, the chief statistician of the developed world’s most important research agency. How does she view her role and our inequality data future? Too Much asked.

In Search of Our First Trillionaire

No 13-digit fortune has yet appeared on the horizon. But if we wait until we get close enough to see one, warns wealth analyst Bob Lord, we may find our plutocracy set eternally in concrete.