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Did the Founders Want Government Small?

The new conservative ‘Mount Vernon Statement’ unveiled last week claims that right-wingers are upholding what the Generation of 1776 held dear. But those right-wingers, history shows, are conveniently overlooking what the Founders truly feared. A review of Securing the Fruits of Labor: The American Concept of Wealth Distribution 1765-1900 by James Huston.

Must the Rich Rock On Forever?

Economists tend to add more to the aggravations of everyday life than explain them. Not this economist. A review of Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science that Makes Life Dismal by Moshe Adler.

Wall Street's Favorite Meltdown Myth Bites the Dust

But Wall Street’s mainstream critics still can’t bring themselves to challenge the top executive ‘right’ to reap enormous riches.

What Ever Happened to That Prosperity the Tax-Cutters Promised?

Don’t expect an answer from the ranters and ravers who frequent ‘Tea Parties’ — or the politicians who egg them on.

Have Average Taxpayers Become Freeloaders?

Opponents of the proposal for a 5.4 percent health care reform surtax on America’s wealthy seem to be getting a bit desperate. They’ve even turned their fire onto middle-income Americans.

Rationalizing for the Rich: Cakewalk No More

In a down economy, apologists for the awesomely affluent are having to dig deep for inspiration. In the process, they’re getting dirty and looking dopey.

The ‘Risky’ Business in America’s Executive Suites

American workers get killed on the job, or badly injured, with a frightening frequency. CEOs have little reason to worry. So why are corporations rewarding CEOs so lavishly for ‘taking risks’?

Should We Double Taxes on the Rich?

The global meltdown may be shoving high taxes on the rich back onto the political radar screen. The latest sign: a riveting debate in the world’s most prestigious business magazine.

Is Taxing the Super Rich a Waste of Time?

America’s most financially fortunate, the cagier critics of President Obama are claiming, can sidestep any hike in the tax rate on high incomes. But history tells a different story.

Is the Obama Budget ‘Punishing’ the Successful?

Critics are charging that the tax hikes on the wealthy in the new White House budget unfairly attack the most worthy among us.