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The Bait-and-Switch on Fleecing Taxpayers

Lavishly paid corporate executives, flush with tax-deductible taxpayer dollars, have plenty of reason to relish the right-wing assault on ‘overpaid’ public employees. But we can wipe that grin off their faces.

A Do-It-Yourself Kit for Probing Plutocracy

The rich, many Americans have come to believe, rule. But how? The current hubbub over the federal budget deficit opens a welcome window to understanding just how our rich keep riding so high.

At Our Financial Summit, No Need to Fret

Newly victorious lawmakers have wasted no time rushing to show they really do care — about keeping Wall Streeters lavishly rewarded.

Another Reason for the Right to Hate Science

Conservatives expected human genome research to help prove that nature, not unequal social orders, determines who ends up sick and poor. But our genes have refused to cooperate.

Move Over, Climate Change Deniers

Make room for a new right-wing assault on scientific research. In the cross-hairs this time: the massive epidemiological evidence on inequality’s horrific toll on our health and overall well-being.

They Get Rich, We Get Ho-Hum Gadgets

Our economy would become the world’s most innovative, our elites have assured us over the past 30 years, if we gave our rich enough incentives to innovate. We kept to our end of the bargain. So where’s the innovation?

‘Overtaxation’: Our Phoniest Problem?

Friends of the financially fortunate are trying to turn reality upside-down — and save our undertaxed rich mega billions in the process.

Washington and Wall Street: A ‘Democracy’ in Denial

Some Americans get all bent out of shape when they hear someone label the United States a ‘plutocracy.’ But if we have an honest-to-goodness democracy, where the people really rule, then how can we explain Goldman Sachs?

The ‘Party of No’ May Now Rate a New Label

Republicans in Congress have introduced a breathtaking new budget plan that would essentially put America’s plutocracy on steroids.

Wall Street’s Protection Racket: Still Rolling

To really reform big bank behavior, we need to scuttle the pay system that ‘entitles’ Wall Streeters to however much loot they can grab.