How Inequality Hurts

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Getting Past Stars and Swipes Forever

Back in 1776, public-spirited patriots emerged from the ranks of colonial America’s privileged. But our corporate elite today seems to offer up only thieving, tax-dodging parasites. Why such a contrast?

Where Uncle Sam Ought to Be Snooping

Let’s place private corporations with government contracts under surveillance — to make sure no one is getting rich off our tax dollars.

From a Sloppy Spreadsheet, an Eternal Truth

The lesson of the Reinhart-Rogoff affair: If we let wealth continue to concentrate — and corrupt every element of our contemporary societies — we’ll all end up crying ‘96 tears.’

Why Some No Longer Sing the Beltway Blues

How do unequal societies solve the problems — like traffic congestion — that make us miserable? They come up with solutions that make life easier for rich people.

A Billionaire Obsesses, Our Politics Regresses

How much can a billion dollars buy? The nearly undivided attention of America’s entire chattering class. Case in point: our ongoing national fixation on debt and deficit.

Keeping the Rich Comfy: Your Job Future?

We’ve lost our manufacturing economy in the United States. Now we’re losing our service economy. We’re rapidly becoming, some observers contend, a ‘servant economy.’

A Plutocrat Epiphany: All Votes Need Not Count

America’s billionaires have realized they really don’t have to bother convincing a majority of people to vote their way. They can put their cash instead into campaigns to keep the hard-to-convince from voting.

Teacher Bashing: The Inequality Psychology

In any society where wealth and income concentrate overwhelmingly at the top, the affluent will almost always come to sneer at public services and the men and women who provide them. In the Chicago teachers strike, those who provide those services have pushed back.

Online Education’s Lucrative New Bottom Line

Corporate execs and billionaire ideologues are creating — at taxpayer expense — a network of schools where learning takes a back seat.

The Tea Party’s 1776 Shtick: History Mangled

America’s revolutionary generation, new research documents, lived in a society much more equal than our own. And early Americans prized that equality, an inconvenient reality for conservatives today.