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A Profile: Too Much Editor Sam Pizzigati

A veteran labor journalist, Sam Pizzigati has written widely on economic inequality, in articles, books, and online, for both popular and scholarly readers.

Sam PizzigatiCurrently an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank in Washington, D.C., Pizzigati has been editing Too Much ever since the publication’s 1995 debut. His op-eds and articles on income and wealth maldistribution have appeared in a host of major American dailies, magazines, and journals.

Pizzigati has edited publications for four different national American unions and directed, for twenty years, the publishing operations of America’s largest union, the 3.2 million-member National Education Association. The 1992 anthology he co-edited, The New Labor Press (Cornell University ILR Press), remains the primary reference for trade union journalists.

Pizzigati’s 2004 book, Greed and Good: Understanding and Overcoming the Inequality that Limits Our Lives (Rowman & Littlefield), builds on work he began with his 1992 title, The Maximum Wage. Greed and Good has earned an “outstanding title” of the year rating from the American Library Association (Choice, January 2006).

Pizzigati’s latest book, The Rich Don’t Always Win: The forgotten triumph over plutocracy that created the classic American middle class, 1900-1970 (Seven Stories Press) appeared in 2012.

In 2008, Pizzigati played a lead role on the team that generated The Nation magazine’s special issue on extreme inequality. That issue went on to win the 2009 Sidney Hillman Prize for magazine journalism.

A Maryland resident, Pizzigati served for eight years on the founding board of directors of Progressive Maryland, the state’s leading alliance of labor, community, civil rights, and religious organizations. He spent a similar stint on the board of the Boston-based United for a Fair Economy, a national economic justice education and organizing effort.

You can reach Sam Pizzigati at editor@toomuchonline.org.

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