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Why Our Lives Feel Squeezed: 400 Reasons

America’s 400 richest are collecting far more of the nation’s income than they did two generations ago — and paying Uncle Sam far less. To fudge these facts, pals of plutocrats are having to work overtime.

Our Top 400: A Little Historical Perspective

All those millions that America’s billionaires are pouring into super PACs, where do they come from? We can trace a huge chunk of that political cash to the truly massive tax cuts our richest now enjoy.

For Top 400 U.S. Taxpayers, a Near-Record Year

America’s super rich, new IRS income data show, partied on right through the depth of the Great Recession. And they shared precious little of their good fortune with Uncle Sam.

Our Plutocracy: A Sobering New Portrait

Never before, at least not in the lifetime of any American now living, have so few made so much at the expense of so many. A look at just-released IRS data at the staggeringly high incomes of our top 400.

The Audacity of Hope Meets the Enormity of Inequality

Our new White House has begun a counterattack against America’s grand divide between the rich and everyone else. But we face, new stats from the IRS make clear, a dramatically uphill battle.