tax avoidance

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A New Take on Unrigging Our Taxes

Our super rich have their own personal trainers, chefs, and pilots. Maybe we should give them their own personal tax collectors. In the UK, officials have actually been moving in that direction.

Counting Dollars the Rich Want Uncounted

Americans are gaining, ever so slowly, a more accurate picture of just how wide the gap has stretched between the nation’s most fabulously privileged and everyone else.

Gadgetopia: Chasing After an Elusive Dream

Bits and bytes would be doing a lot more to help make our lives less nasty, brutish, and short if we shared wealth as routinely as bandwidth. From San Francisco, a new lesson in that reality.

The Alchemy of Our Awesomely Affluent

Today’s super rich can’t turn tin into gold. But they can get Uncle Sam to loan them free money. At the expense, of course, of America’s bottom 99 percent.