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The Fed Finds an America Deeply Divided

The ‘average’ U.S. family is doing just fine, suggests the Federal Reserve’s latest triennial portrait of household wealth. But typical Americans are struggling something awful. Could both be true?

Magic Act: Making the Super Rich Disappear

The Federal Reserve has once again counted up America’s personal wealth — and omitted the nation’s 400 richest from the final tally. But the new figures, even with that omission, show a divide still deepening.

Wall Street’s Meltdown and Wealth’s Maldistribution

The Great Recession, new research shows, has left wealth in the United States even more concentrated at America’s economic summit.

Pondering Our Most Puzzling Inequality Stat

Families in the nation’s top 1 percent are grabbing a rising share of the nation’s income. So why do newly released Federal Reserve numbers show no jump in their share of the nation’s wealth?

America’s Bubble Economy: A Last Look Back?

Federal Reserve researchers have just delivered up a data dump that offers a cautionary tale — on inequality — that average families everywhere ought never forget.