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Two Irrepressible Egalitarian Spirits

British epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett have changed how the world thinks about economic inequality — and they have a wealth of new insights to share. Read the complete Too Much interview . . .

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Who Really Rates as a ‘True Egalitarian’?

A leading conservative academic is charging that critics of America’s top-heavy distribution of income and wealth are missing the bigger picture. In the process, he’s only fogging that picture up.

Do Plutocrats Need to Worry about Potholes?

One luxury automaker is betting big that America’s affluent feel no responsibility to the greater society crumbling all around them.

Our ‘Double Bubble’ of Economic Trouble

‘Asset bubbles’ have been roiling our economy ever since America’s wealthy started supersizing three decades ago. But another bubble, this one enveloping those wealthy, may be just as essential to understand.

A Business Case for Greater Equality

If our business leaders spoke Norwegian, President Obama wouldn’t have to beg them to do the right thing. A new report offers a fascinating window into the Scandinavian business mind.

Another Reason for the Right to Hate Science

Conservatives expected human genome research to help prove that nature, not unequal social orders, determines who ends up sick and poor. But our genes have refused to cooperate.

Health Care Reform’s Hidden Tax Gem

The new health care reform legislation that President Obama has signed into law takes a little-noticed but precedent-setting swipe at executive pay excess.

News Flash: Conservatives Discover Inequality

In Britain, top Conservative Party leaders are now sounding the alarm about their nation’s growing gap between rich and poor. But the UK’s wealthy have little reason to really worry.

A Land Where CEOs Have Stopped Smiling

The Dutch are angry about over-the-top CEO pay, and they’re not going to take it any more. Could the Dutch clamp-down on executive excess actually spur action elsewhere?