Progressive taxation

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Did the Beatles Help Spark the Reagan Revolution?

On this month’s 50th anniversary of one of the edgiest Beatles tracks, our rich have a reason to look back fondly on the lads from Liverpool.

A Tax Turnabout in the Ranks of the Right

A prominent conservative in Congress has released a tax reform package that actually will not leave the rich significantly richer. Should we be grateful for small blessings — or suspicious? Or both?

At Tax Time, Our Emperors Have No Clothes

Today’s conventional wisdom in Congress on taxing the rich — that tax rates on income at our economic summit have gone as high as they can sensibly go — has no real evidence to support it.

A Question for Tax Time: Why Do We Tax?

Years ago, right after World War II, America’s most famed corporate tax lawyer gave an answer that had the nation’s super rich squirming.

If This California Mansion Could Speak

. . . we would have a fascinating, first-hand history of the roller-coaster first century of federal income taxation.

The Tax Legacy of George W. Bush: It Lives!

The Bush years gave America’s rich new and unprecedented preferential treatment at tax time. The fiscal cliff deal enacted in the early moments of 2013 leaves that preferential treatment in place.

The Blitz of Empty Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric

Candidates this fall are taking plenty of pokes at the financial industry’s best and brightest. But they could be doing a lot more than poke. They could push to start taxing Wall Street.