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Waging Class War in Comfort

Do the corporate chiefs now parading into the new Trump administration see the United States as just another enterprise — to fleece? A look at the Trump picks and a previous big-time CEO who did cabinet service.

Our ‘Stealth Politics’ of Inequality

Average Americans today have essentially zilch influence on public policy. You don’t need to trust your gut on that. Northwestern University political scientist Benjamin Page has the data.

Democracy Lite: All Form and No Substance

America’s most powerful economic policy maker dramatically charges that inequality is choking off opportunity for average families. Political candidates across the nation pay absolutely no attention.

High in the Alps, Plutocrats Play at Pondering

At the annual Davos retreat of our global elites, the world’s wealthy wring their hands over the widening inequality they themselves so relentlessly widen.

If This California Mansion Could Speak

. . . we would have a fascinating, first-hand history of the roller-coaster first century of federal income taxation.

The Rich Don’t Always Win. Really.

The Rich Don't Always WinToo Much editor Sam Pizzigati’s history of the forgotten triumph over America’s original plutocracy that created the American middle class.

A Billionaire Obsesses, Our Politics Regresses

How much can a billion dollars buy? The nearly undivided attention of America’s entire chattering class. Case in point: our ongoing national fixation on debt and deficit.

Should We All Start Praying for Mitt Romney?

The GOP Presidential hopeful from Bain Capital has become a walking, talking object lesson on how plutocracy works — and why we desperately need to end it.

Our Plutocracy: A Sobering New Portrait

Never before, at least not in the lifetime of any American now living, have so few made so much at the expense of so many. A look at just-released IRS data at the staggeringly high incomes of our top 400.