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Can the Greedy Be Truly Generous?

Our hedge funds are celebrating another year of super earnings — with more crumbs for the victims of the political choices that have made hedgies so rich.

Our Empathetic Rich: The Rarest of Birds

A landmark new study has laid bare the dirty little secret of modern American philanthropy: America’s wealthy don’t particularly care all that much about the rest of us.

Plutocracy with a Pleasant Philanthropic Face

Not all plutocrats scheme in the shadows like the rabidly right-wing Koch brothers. We need to learn how to recognize plutocracy’s more subtle putches. The best primer? The battle over education’s future.

A Historic Breakthrough for U.S. Billionaires

In 2010 America, schools, students, and teachers share the pain. The heirs to our mega rich, meanwhile, don’t have to share anything. For the first time in nearly a century, we have no federal estate tax.

A Rich University’s Mad Dash to Get Richer

Investing recklessness at Harvard is making ‘the best and the brightest’ look awfully silly, almost as silly as a nation that lets staggering quantities of wealth continue to concentrate.

Getting Past the Philanthropic Foolery

The debate over the White House proposal to limit the tax deductions the rich can take on charitable donations has so far revolved around questions over whether the wealthy would give less if they couldn’t deduct as much as they do now. The better question: Just how much are the rich now really giving?