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Wall Street’s ‘M&A Follies’: Why the Curtain Never Falls

AOL and Time Warner split, Comcast and NBC join. The merger merry-go-round continues to spin. Investment bankers and corporate execs get to grab the brass ring. The rest of us get pink slips and higher prices. By Sam Pizzigati What may be the dumbest corporate merger of all time — the $165 billion deal that […]

A Do-It-Yourself Giant Does It to Workers

Amid double-digit joblessness, two top U.S. corporations cut still another mega merger deal that enriches executives and tosses workers, by the thousands, out onto the street.

Have You ‘Hurd’? Greed Still Living Large

We all know about the greed and grasping at Wall Street’s failed giants. But the greed at ‘successful’ companies elsewhere in America is getting a free pass.

Banking on Bigger

America’s banking giants have spent the last two dozen years wheeling and dealing their way to fortune — and financial folly.

John McCain’s Superstar CEO Apostle of Innovation

Former Hewlett-Packard chief exec Carly Fiorina doesn’t represent everything that’s wrong with Corporate America. But she comes close.