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Banker Bonus Bingo: Every Card's a Winner

Can excess on Wall Street ever be ended? Maybe. Some lawmakers in France have a plan that could end it.

The Most Promising Push Yet for a Maximum Wage

Across the pond, in the UK, the idea of capping income is suddenly starting to make a respectable splash.

Cap and Save

To rescue the global economy from reckless power suits, we just may need a ‘maximum wage.’ So say Australia’s top labor leaders and a daring cohort of MPs in the UK.

Can Bailouts Give CEOs an Incentive to Build the Middle Class?

Senate opponents of an auto bailout want autoworkers to give up what’s left of their middle class status. But a different bailout approach — keyed off CEO pay — could actually leave our middle class strengthened.

The Bailout Deal: The Rich Haven’t Won Yet

The architects of the $700 billion bailout agreement defeated in the House left some key details tantalizingly undefined.

America’s Most Egalitarian Banker

With our titans of high-finance now creating chaos and rewarding themselves with billions, we might do well to remember a time when someone with good sense — and a conscience — could actually lead America’s top financial institution.