inequality and democracy

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The New War on Inequality: Just Rhetoric?

Those Americans struggling against poverty in the 1960s had plenty of obstacles in their way. We have more. They operated in a functioning democracy. We live, by contrast, in deeply plutocratic times.

A Politics Really Worse than Watergate?

If the Supreme Court chooses to erase our remaining post-Watergate campaign finance reforms, Richard Nixon’s scandalous reign may come to seem — thanks to growing inequality — mere kid’s play.

Election 2012 and Our Sensible Super Rich

Take all that post-election commentary about foolish billionaires and wasted millions in political contributions with a grain of salt. Our billionaires don’t have to actually win on Election Day to get their way.

Endless Political Paralysis: The New Normal?

The American political system isn’t working for average Americans any more. Don’t blame the Tea Party, new political science research suggests. Blame inequality.