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Counting Dollars the Rich Want Uncounted

Americans are gaining, ever so slowly, a more accurate picture of just how wide the gap has stretched between the nation’s most fabulously privileged and everyone else.

Finish This Sentence: The Rich Get Richer . . .

Yes, the poor have struggled mightily while our rich have become phenomenally flush. But middle-income Americans haven’t been able to jump off the treadmill either.

A Bold New Labor Call for a ‘Maximum Wage’

The national leader of one of America’s feistiest unions is proposing a cap on incomes at the top that rises only if incomes at the bottom rise first.

America’s Tilt to the Top: The Deepest Stats Yet

All sorts of federal agencies publish income inequality data. But only the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office directly takes on America’s income inequality deniers.

Gap Be Gone: A Locality Takes on Inequality

Amid fierce fiscal austerity, a borough in London is doing battle to level up the poor and level down the rich. Imagine if a borough in New York tried something as ambitious to tackle the rich-poor gap. Read more . . .

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Madison Ave. Declares ‘Mass Affluence’ Over

The American middle class, concludes a new study from the ad industry’s top trade journal, has essentially become irrelevant. In a deeply unequal America, if you don’t make $200,000, you don’t matter.

One Decade Down, One Decade Wasted

The 21st century has opened with ten years that have seen the vast majority of Americans go backward economically. Just-released Census stats tell that tale — but not the whole income story. Read more . . .

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