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In High Finance, Humming a Happy Tune

The latest annual hedge fund industry pay stats have suits smiling — and ordinary mortals worrying about public education’s future.

How Many Rotting Apples Do Our Hedges Hide?

High-profile prosecutions of hedge fund execs only hint at the crime and ethical misbehavior rampant in America’s most rewarding high-finance suites.

In a Crackpot Economy, Endless Jackpots

At what point will our world wake up to the fantastically rewarding scam that our hedge fund masters of the universe have been running?

America’s Billion-Dollar-a-Year Men

Hedge fund honchos bet on stocks. They bet on gold. They bet on lawsuits. Most of all, they bet that the rest of us will never wise up to the awesome giveaway our current tax code ladles on them. Read more . . .

Hedge fund top 25

Down But Not Exactly Out at $464 Million a Year

Hedge fund manager earnings, says the industry’s top scorekeeper, drifted down toward terra firma in 2008. But they remain, despite the global financial collapse, at absolutely stratospheric levels.

Congress Grills, Gently, America’s Hedge Fund Titans

Lawmakers do seem to understand the unfairness of an economy that lets hedge funds managers pocket billions of dollars. But they still haven’t recognized that economy’s dangerous foolishness.

The Hedge Fund Melt: Another Reason Wealth Needs Spreading

No average American has ever invested a nickel in a hedge fund. But the hedge fund industry’s ever-widening crash is likely going to leave average Americans the hardest hit. Here’s why.

Behind Every Successful Modern Top Executive . . .

. . . you’ll likely find, suggest billionaire Mark Cuban and recent corporate history, worried workers and cheated consumers

The Dirt Behind the Hedges

The managers of high-finance hedge funds are translating the woes of the world into billion-dollar paydays that would have been impossible to believe even just half a dozen years ago.