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On a Top-Heavy Planet, a Bit of a Nordic Puzzler

Income gaps and wealth concentration go hand in hand, new global stats make clear. With one exception.

Do We Need Another Rolls-Royce Showroom?

A tiny tax on global personal wealth over $1 million, newly released global wealth distribution data show, could ensure that no child anywhere on the planet has to live in extreme poverty.

Wealthy of the World, Unite — and Party!

From Manhattan to Monaco, the world’s super rich are fashioning themselves into a new global tribe of footloose and stateless. The rest of us get to gawk — and foot the ultimate bill.

Another Homerun for the Walloping Wealthy

Behind last week’s record-smashing $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a global economy that’s enriching only the world’s super rich.

The Global Super-Rich Stash: Now $25 Trillion

Still another global financial analysis firm has just tallied how much net worth is sloshing around in the pockets of the world’s most spectacularly wealthy. So when will the time finally come to stop the counting — and start the taxing?