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A Cabinet for the Deep-Pocket Ages

Only in America, new stats from the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse show, could packing an incoming administration with gazillionaires be so easy.

Who Really Rates as a ‘True Egalitarian’?

A leading conservative academic is charging that critics of America’s top-heavy distribution of income and wealth are missing the bigger picture. In the process, he’s only fogging that picture up.

The Latest Census of Global Fortunes

Private wealth management groups continue to survey the holdings of the world’s rich. The millionaire share of world wealth, the latest data show, has jumped 14 percent since the global economic crisis began in 2007.

To End Extreme Poverty, End Extreme Wealth

The world’s wealthy gathered in the Alps again last week to discuss how to ‘solve’ the world’s problems. The world’s biggest problem, suggests one top global anti-poverty outfit, may be their fortunes.

Joe the Plumber, Please Speak Up Already!

We haven’t heard much at all from Joe the Plumber this election cycle. A shame. Without his rants against sharing the wealth, no one’s bothering to debate how desperately we really need to be sharing. Read more . . .

Global Rich

Should the Billionaire Club Start Paying Dues?

Austerity budgets are spreading everywhere, but wealth, new data show, has become more concentrated at the global economic summit than ever before. From Cairo to Palo Alto, even some conservatives are now talking wealth tax.

The Difference More Global Equality Could Make

Despite our current global economic hard times, says a new study from banking giant Credit Suisse, the world has more than enough wealth to ensure every adult on it a significant personal net-worth nest egg.

How Billionaires Could Race to Our Rescue

A modest tax on all U.S. personal fortunes over $1 billion could raise more than enough revenue from the Forbes 400 alone to erase the combined budget shortfalls of every state in the nation.

They Get Rich, We Get Ho-Hum Gadgets

Our economy would become the world’s most innovative, our elites have assured us over the past 30 years, if we gave our rich enough incentives to innovate. We kept to our end of the bargain. So where’s the innovation?

Census Time for Billionaires

The world’s super-duper rich, in the new Forbes magazine count, total just over 1,000 — and hold more wealth than half of humanity.