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In France, Echoes of a Daring FDR

With a call for an income cap on society’s richest, the longshot presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon has thrown a giant scare into the French political elite.

A Flying Public Finally Erupts

America’s top airline execs have every incentive to treat average passengers as cattle and chattel. Could United’s now infamous aisle drag upset their gravy train?

The Railroad Robber Baron Returns

If you don’t pay me $300 million, the new CEO at CSX is threatening, I’ll let your workers keep their jobs. He means it. At his last CEO stop, Hunter Harrison cashiered 34 percent of another railroad’s workforce.

The Charities Making Inequality Worse

A growing number of executives at America’s ‘do-good’ nonprofits are doing much too good — for themselves — at paycheck time.

Has America Become Too Generous?

The Trump White House is framing foreign aid as a devastating drain on America’s treasure. But foreign aid isn’t killing the American dream. Inequality is.

Policing in America’s Plutocracy

The White House wants to see local cops cracking down on poor people who break federal laws on immigration. Why not a crackdown on the rich who scoff at tax laws?

A New Rationalization for Riches

Right-wingers are celebrating a deeply depressing new history of those rare moments where distributions of wealth have become significantly more equal.

Standing Up for ‘Bullied’ CEOs

Fortune 500 chiefs make twice as much in a month as U.S. workers make in a decade. But any move to require corporations to document that disparity, a new Trump appointee likes to argue, would be shameful.

By the Numbers

What Makes a Recession ‘Great’?

People who lose their jobs tend to cut back on their household spending. But in a starkly unequal economy, they won’t be the only ones to deeply cut back their spending once unemployment starts rising.