Executive Excess

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Mega-Million CEOs: Our Tax Dollars at Work

The old robber barons exploited workers and gouged consumers. Today’s robber barons are making tens of millions off a lucrative new class of victims: average American taxpayers. Read more . . .

Can Anyone Tackle Our Tax-Dodging CEOs?

A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies documents how America’s top corporate execs are stiffing Uncle Sam at tax time — and lavishly lining their own pockets in the process.

Surfing in Style through the Great Recession

A host of CEOs have discovered a quick fix that almost guarantees good times for the executive set. They kill jobs.

The Executive Pay Bubble: A New Appraisal

Top execs in high finance, says the Institute for Policy Studies, have turned hard times — for the American people — into a springboard for still another round of unconscionably huge pay windfalls.

Should Uncle Sam Be Helping CEOs Get Richer?

America’s overpaid corporate execs have plenty of people to thank for their good fortune. But America’s taxpayers — the source of the subsidies that keep excessive CEO pay flowing — are still waiting for some small sign of gratitude.