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America’s Last Throwback to Plutocracy 1.0

Heiress Bunny Mellon didn’t promise us a rose garden. She gave us one. We would have been better off with more equality instead.

Swell Times for America’s Swollen Fortunes

All those millions that CEOs and hedge fund managers have grabbed over recent decades? Our current tax code won’t let us grab them back.

The Rich: Once We ‘Clawed Back’ Them All

The movers and shakers of scandal-ridden Wall Street are busy scapegoating a ‘few rotten apples’ — and hoping the rest of us don’t notice they’re still holding billions in ill-gotten gains.

Locking In Inequality for Another Generation

A widely overlooked provision in last month’s tax cut deal is going to speed even more wealth to America’s Paris Hilton set.

Bad News for Billionaires — and a Chihuahua or Two

Progressives in the U.S. Senate have introduced a potent package of estate tax reforms that would, if enacted, start seriously trimming America’s most super-sized hoards of private wealth.

A Historic Breakthrough for U.S. Billionaires

In 2010 America, schools, students, and teachers share the pain. The heirs to our mega rich, meanwhile, don’t have to share anything. For the first time in nearly a century, we have no federal estate tax.

The Deception Scott McClellan Isn’t Exposing

The White House’s most succesful disinformation campaign? That’s not Iraq. It’s the war on the estate tax.