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A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling

Deep in the heart of Texas, still another billionaire is scheming to make public education a rewarding business investment opportunity.

In High Finance, Humming a Happy Tune

The latest annual hedge fund industry pay stats have suits smiling — and ordinary mortals worrying about public education’s future.

Teacher Bashing: The Inequality Psychology

In any society where wealth and income concentrate overwhelmingly at the top, the affluent will almost always come to sneer at public services and the men and women who provide them. In the Chicago teachers strike, those who provide those services have pushed back.

Online Education’s Lucrative New Bottom Line

Corporate execs and billionaire ideologues are creating — at taxpayer expense — a network of schools where learning takes a back seat.

Plutocracy with a Pleasant Philanthropic Face

Not all plutocrats scheme in the shadows like the rabidly right-wing Koch brothers. We need to learn how to recognize plutocracy’s more subtle putches. The best primer? The battle over education’s future.

How Did We Ever Get Higher Ed Backwards?

Back in the mid 20th century, colleges and universities helped America beat down economic inequality. Now they reinforce it.