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High in the Alps, Plutocrats Play at Pondering

At the annual Davos retreat of our global elites, the world’s wealthy wring their hands over the widening inequality they themselves so relentlessly widen.

To End Extreme Poverty, End Extreme Wealth

The world’s wealthy gathered in the Alps again last week to discuss how to ‘solve’ the world’s problems. The world’s biggest problem, suggests one top global anti-poverty outfit, may be their fortunes.

A Business Case for Greater Equality

If our business leaders spoke Norwegian, President Obama wouldn’t have to beg them to do the right thing. A new report offers a fascinating window into the Scandinavian business mind.

At Davos 2010, Tough Talk on Greed

Labor leaders at last week’s Alpine assembling of global bankers and CEOs came with a simple pledge: We’re going to fight to cap your pay.

The Global Wealthy Ride to Our Rescue

At Davos last week, the world’s rich and powerful took a crack at problem solving. But they came up short. The main reason: They are the problem.