CEO-worker pay ratios

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The Charities Making Inequality Worse

A growing number of executives at America’s ‘do-good’ nonprofits are doing much too good — for themselves — at paycheck time.

Donald Trump’s $100-Million Men

For us, another day, another dollar. For them, another day, another fortune. In Rhode Island, progressive lawmakers have an antidote to that avarice.

Must Modern Economies Nurture Narcissism?

To really take on grandiosity and greed, a new report from a prestigious CEO pay watchdog suggests, we may need to shove onto the global political stage the notion of a maximum wage.

Turning the Tables on ‘Tax and Spend’

Could the classic conservative put-down of progressive public policy become a strategic template for attacking over-the-top CEO pay? Innovative state lawmakers in California and Rhode Island are aiming to find out.

Defining a Daring New Standard for Fair Pay

The new Toronto-based Wagemark campaign is aiming to change the global conversation on CEOs, workers, and the real value of their labor.

Amid Record Pay, CEOs Aren’t Celebrating

America’s top execs don’t have the time to party. They’re too busy waging a corporate holy war against what may be the most promising check yet on executive pay excess.

Federal Regulators Finally ‘Mind the Gap’

The long-delayed SEC disclosure rule on CEO-worker pay turns out to be surprisingly strong. The power-suit reaction? More bombast.

Will CEOs Outlast Our ‘Shareholder Spring’?

A string of surprising ‘say on pay’ votes has some executive pay critics sensing an impending revolution in corporate boardrooms. But that ‘revolution’ won’t amount to much until mainstream CEO pay reformers start factoring worker pay into the corporate compensation equation.