Apologias for Inequality

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What Do Our Wealthiest Deserve?

Our world’s billionaires don’t merit either their billions, the economist Didier Jacobs suggests, or the right to claim we’re all somehow living in a ‘meritocracy.’

The Real Secrets to Grand Fortune

The moneymaking techniques today generating mega millions, global business analyst Sam Wilkin is making plain, almost all rest on schemes for subverting honest market competition.

How Inequality Corrupts Success

In any society where great stashes of wealth amass at the top, philosopher Elizabeth Anderson reminds us, the wealthy will sooner or later see most of the rest of us as failures.

Why Our Lives Feel Squeezed: 400 Reasons

America’s 400 richest are collecting far more of the nation’s income than they did two generations ago — and paying Uncle Sam far less. To fudge these facts, pals of plutocrats are having to work overtime.

A New Spin from the Inequality Denialist Set

A key keeper of the free-market fundamentalist flame wants us to know that all his rich and powerful red-state pals really do care about income maldistribution. Read more . . .

World wealth stats

From a Sloppy Spreadsheet, an Eternal Truth

The lesson of the Reinhart-Rogoff affair: If we let wealth continue to concentrate — and corrupt every element of our contemporary societies — we’ll all end up crying ‘96 tears.’