Taxing Progressively

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The Never-Ending Quest for Tax Red Herrings

In the “fiscal cliff” debate, America’s super rich aren’t aiming to get us to oppose higher taxes on the nation’s highest incomes. They’re just hoping to keep us distracted.

Election 2012 and Our Sensible Super Rich

Take all that post-election commentary about foolish billionaires and wasted millions in political contributions with a grain of salt. Our billionaires don’t have to actually win on Election Day to get their way.

The Blitz of Empty Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric

Candidates this fall are taking plenty of pokes at the financial industry’s best and brightest. But they could be doing a lot more than poke. They could push to start taxing Wall Street.

For Billionaires, a Heaven on Earth Beckons

The United States already sports an exceedingly rich people-friendly tax structure. But America’s rich have far more friendly tax models in mind. Like Singapore.

The Rich: Once We ‘Clawed Back’ Them All

The movers and shakers of scandal-ridden Wall Street are busy scapegoating a ‘few rotten apples’ — and hoping the rest of us don’t notice they’re still holding billions in ill-gotten gains.

The Tiny Tax that Truly Terrifies Wall Street

Robin Hood would not be happy if he happened upon our incredibly top-heavy modern world. But the new campaign to levy a tax on speculative trading would most likely have him breaking out in smiles.

So Much Tax Evasion, So Little Accountability

\Over two years ago, the IRS announced an ambitious new effort to subject the super rich to unprecedentedly intensive audits. How’s that effort working out? Most lawmakers would rather you not ask.

Should the Billionaire Club Start Paying Dues?

Austerity budgets are spreading everywhere, but wealth, new data show, has become more concentrated at the global economic summit than ever before. From Cairo to Palo Alto, even some conservatives are now talking wealth tax.

On Taxing the Rich, a Top Pol Breaks Ranks

A tax-the-rich bombshell has dropped in the Presidential race. The French Presidential race. But this bombshell’s blast will almost certainly reverberate elsewhere. Maybe even in the United States.

Trickle-Down in the Other ‘Down Under’

GOP White House hopefuls want taxes on the rich cut even lower than they’ve already been cut. What might a tax-the-rich-even-less future bring? The land of the kiwi offers one frightful answer.