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Recovery? Why Our CEOs Don’t Give a Hoot

Over recent decades, recoveries from U.S. recessions have become steadily weaker and weaker. Over these same decades, executive pay has been steadily soaring. Could these two trends be somehow related?

They Get Rich, We Get Ho-Hum Gadgets

Our economy would become the world’s most innovative, our elites have assured us over the past 30 years, if we gave our rich enough incentives to innovate. We kept to our end of the bargain. So where’s the innovation?

Wall Street’s ‘M&A Follies’: Why the Curtain Never Falls

AOL and Time Warner split, Comcast and NBC join. The merger merry-go-round continues to spin. Investment bankers and corporate execs get to grab the brass ring. The rest of us get pink slips and higher prices. By Sam Pizzigati What may be the dumbest corporate merger of all time — the $165 billion deal that […]

A-Rod and Inequality: A Lesson Worth Learning

Huge rewards for ‘talented’ people are supposed to leave all our lives much better than before. But they don’t — not in sports or any of the rest of life either.

Have You ‘Hurd’? Greed Still Living Large

We all know about the greed and grasping at Wall Street’s failed giants. But the greed at ‘successful’ companies elsewhere in America is getting a free pass.

Fannie, Freddie, and Failure

How sky-high rewards for CEOs turn respectable enterprises into muggers of the American dream.

The Democratic Party Platform’s Missing Plank

The Democrats, once again, have chosen not to challenge the incredible concentrations of wealth that sit at America’s economic summit. These concentrations have consequences. We explore one — at General Motors.

Banking on Bigger

America’s banking giants have spent the last two dozen years wheeling and dealing their way to fortune — and financial folly.

Class Conflict for the 21st Century

In their rush for jackpots, America’s top corporate executives are doing intolerable damage to enterprise well-being. Who says? America’s professionals! A review of Love the Work, Hate the Job, by David Kusnet.

Super-Sized Incentives: Behold and Beware

Another celebrated American executive is creating economic havoc, this time in the auto industry. What makes ostensibly smart CEOs act so dumb? We explore how over-the-top rewards play out.