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A Promising Path for Pummeling Plutocracy

Looking for a quick fix to the deep inequality that so afflicts us? Stop your searching. We need to strategize instead for the long-term. A riveting new work from a leading historian helps us see how.

To End Extreme Poverty, End Extreme Wealth

The world’s wealthy gathered in the Alps again last week to discuss how to ‘solve’ the world’s problems. The world’s biggest problem, suggests one top global anti-poverty outfit, may be their fortunes.

Five Plutocracy-Busting Ideas Worth a Revisit

We today can take more than inspiration from the struggles against plutocracy progressives waged years ago. We can take a host of still cutting-edge policy proposals.

Facebook and Tahrir Square, Revisited

Facebook’s initial public offering last week ‘offered’ the world another double dose of windfalls and greed. But Egypt’s elections this week may bring an IPO of a different sort, the ‘initial public offering’ of an antidote to avarice.

Do We Need ‘Student Loans’ for Billionaires?

Students of modest means must pay a stiff price to build their capacity to contribute to society — and pay interest if they can’t afford that price. A wealth tax could apply this same principle to America’s rich.

Doing Debt Ceiling Battle the FDR Way

At times of national fiscal crisis, President Franklin Roosevelt ever so firmly believed, you don’t give the awesomely affluent a free pass. You pound them — and then you pound them some more.

Here’s What Democracy, Economically, Looks Like

The global media spotlight may now be gone, but Egypt’s revolutionaries are still making history, with a spirited campaign for a ‘maximum wage.’

This July 4 Let’s Hail a Patriot Not Yet in the Pantheon

A decade into a staggeringly unequal 21st century United States, historians have rediscovered a long-forgotten Revolutionary War hero who stirred men’s souls with a remarkably far-sighted egalitarian vision.

Executive Pay Excess: A New Battlefront

Taxpayers, once again this year, are subsidizing over-the-top CEO pay by the billions. But now on the table: a promising new proposal that encourages America’s corporations to share that excess — or else.

CEO Pay Bashing, Tea Party-Style

Has Jim DeMint, the right-wing senator leading the assault on federal domestic spending, finally gone too far? His corporate executive benefactors may soon come to think so.