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America’s Construction Carnage

With America’s union presence declining, construction workers are dying at alarming rates.

Donald Trump’s $100-Million Men

For us, another day, another dollar. For them, another day, another fortune. In Rhode Island, progressive lawmakers have an antidote to that avarice.

An Arrogant Entrance, A Sad Exit

With a new White House committed to wealth’s concentration, we’ll sorely miss the scholar who dedicated his life to documenting wealth’s maldistribution.

Waging Class War in Comfort

Do the corporate chiefs now parading into the new Trump administration see the United States as just another enterprise — to fleece? A look at the Trump picks and a previous big-time CEO who did cabinet service.

A Cabinet for the Deep-Pocket Ages

Only in America, new stats from the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse show, could packing an incoming administration with gazillionaires be so easy.

A New Take on Unrigging Our Taxes

Our super rich have their own personal trainers, chefs, and pilots. Maybe we should give them their own personal tax collectors. In the UK, officials have actually been moving in that direction.

We Need to Worry about Wilbur

America’s next secretary of commerce may be a private equity kingpin who owes his ample fortune to a career of manipulating the misfortune of America’s workers.

A California Tax-the-Rich Triumph

Could the resounding Election Day victory of a state tax initiative signal an impending surge for a new national egalitarian politics? We have some promising signs.

Small May Not Always Be Beautiful

The trendy surge in tiny housing offers the rich a chance to become even richer, at everyone else’s expense. A look at the squeezed world of micro housing.

Why 2016 May See Record Top 1%

America’s highest earners could be rushing to maximize their 2016 incomes after Election Day. But what happens next will be what really matters.