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November 2015 Too Much: How Taxes Keep Wealth White

From the days of slavery to the 21st century rebirth of the poll tax, our tax system has been concentrating wealth at African-American expense, as legal scholar Andre Smith is documenting.

October 2015 Too Much: The Real Secrets to Grand Fortune

Click here to read the Too Much monthly issue for October 2015. The moneymaking techniques today generating mega millions and more, the global business analyst Sam Wilkin is making plain, almost all rest on schemes for defeating the forces of honest market competition.

September 2015 Too Much: In Search of Our First Trillionaire

No 13-digit fortune has yet appeared on the horizon. But if we wait until we get close enough to see one, warns wealth analyst Bob Lord, we may find our plutocracy set eternally in concrete.

August 2015 Too Much: How Inequality Corrupts Success

In any society where great stashes of wealth amass at the top, philosopher Elizabeth Anderson reminds us, the wealthy will sooner or later see most of the rest of us as failures.

July 2015 Too Much: Our Unequal Unsustainable World

Inequality has our planet down, the veteran analyst Juliet Schor believes, but not out. She’s seeing more and more of us working for alternatives to mindless consumerism — and the failing economic system that so relentlessly generates it.

June Too Much: This Business Manufactures Equality

In the United States, top corporate execs sometimes make more in an hour than their workers can make in a year. At Mondragon, one of Spain’s largest companies, no execs can make more in an hour than their workers make in a day.

May Too Much: A Promising Partnership, for 1 Percenters

What do corporate chiefs want out of the latest global trade talks? On their wish list: a veto over government decisions that complicate their profiteering. Will they get that veto power? Trade union analyst Thea Lee sees reasons they just might not.

April Too Much: The Stealth Politics of Our Unequal Age

Average Americans today have essentially zilch influence on public policy. You don’t need to trust your gut on that. Political scientist Benjamin Page has the data.

March Too Much: Segregation’s Insidious New Look

Racial segregation dominated the American residential landscape for generations. We can’t afford, suggests the research of Stanford’s Sean Reardon, to let economic segregation have anywhere near as long a run.

February Too Much: Grand Fortunes, Grand Waste

Good things trickle down from the top, cheerleaders for grand fortune like to argue, when wealth concentrates. In real life, suggests economist Robert Frank, growing inequality makes things worse even for its ostensible beneficiaries.