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July 14 Too Much: A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers

The outsourcing of public services to private go-getters is concentrating wealth the whole world over. The best answer to that concentration? That just may be new forms of public ownership.

July 7 Too Much: How Much Wealth Are Our Wealthiest Hiding?

More than enough, the latest statistical evidence suggests, to warrant a full-fledged federal search. A new banking law in effect this month could start that search in the right direction.

June 30 Too Much: America’s CEOs in a Class All by Themselves

Workers in the United States don’t make double what workers make in Japan or Switzerland. Why should U.S. CEOs routinely make double — and often much more — than Japanese and Swiss top execs?

June 23 Too Much: A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling

Deep in the heart of Texas, still another billionaire is scheming to make public education a rewarding business investment opportunity.

June 16 Too Much: A New Spin from Inequality Denialists

A key keeper of the free-market fundamentalist flame wants us to know that all his rich and powerful red-state pals really do care about income maldistribution.

June 9 Too Much: The Pipelines that Pump Our Wealth Up

Wage squeezes, share buybacks, and tax subsidies, three new progressive think tank studies show, are all combining to keep America’s high and mighty ever higher and mightier.

June 2 Too Much: The Dark Shadow Grand Fortune Casts

We’re not talking metaphors here. In urban hotspots like New York, the slender luxury towers of the global super rich are assaulting the sky. Inequality is literally blocking out the sun.

May 26 Too Much: All Hail Piketty, But Props for Pickett, Too

A bold new egalitarian take on our modern economy from France joins a powerful rendering of inequality’s toll — on our daily lives — from the UK. Blend the two into our politics and watch plutocracy start shaking.

May 19 Too Much: How Campus Chiefs Ace Executive Pay Excess 101

The fiercer that major state universities squeeze faculty and students, a new study shows, the grander the rewards their presidents reap.

May 12 Too Much: Humming a Happy Hedge Fund Tune

The latest annual hedge fund industry pay stats have suits smiling — and ordinary mortals worrying about public education’s future.