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Fast Fortunes: On the Diamond and Beyond

Baseball’s top hitter and Wall Street power suits both ply their trades in a high-speed world. That hitter will make over a quarter-billion in the next decade. The top suits stand to ‘earn’ astonishingly more.

At GM, A Revealing Hubbub over a New CEO

Equal pay for equal work? We still haven’t arrived at that destination. Decent pay that reflects the dignity of all who labor? In today’s America, we’ve barely even begun that journey.

One ‘Entitlement’ Really Does Need Trimming

America’s corporate CEOs feel entitled to pensions that pay out $86,000 monthly. To protect their entitlement, they’re attacking ours: Social Security.

Amid Record Pay, CEOs Aren’t Celebrating

America’s top execs don’t have the time to party. They’re too busy waging a corporate holy war against what may be the most promising check yet on executive pay excess.

CEO Pay: A Rather Revealing Retrospective

Over the last 20 years, the annual lists of America’s highest-paid chief execs — our corporate ‘best and brightest’ — have included an amazingly high concentration of outright frauds and flops.

A Congress Only CEOs Could Love

House Republicans, with help from some Wall Street-friendly Democrats, are rushing to repeal the most promising Dodd-Frank Act check on excessive executive pay. You won’t believe their rationale.

The Only CEO Pay Number that Really Matters

How much did America’s top execs make last year? The scorekeepers don’t all agree. But that won’t matter if we keep our eyes on the most important figure of all: the pay gap between CEOs and workers.

The Scruffy and the Stuffy Agree: Cap CEO Pay

From hiking trails in Oregon to boardrooms in Berlin, critics of our staggeringly unequal corporate order are calling for new limits that link executive compensation to worker paychecks.

Can We Get Tougher on Crime in the Suites?

Federal regulators have actually been cracking down lately on financial fraud. But the power-suited execs responsible for that fraud are still paying no personal price.

Executive Pay Scorecard for 2011

Every spring, top U.S. media outlets and business research organizations begin releasing compensation surveys that detail executive pay levels over the preceding year. These surveys seldom sample the same corporations — or measure pay the same way — and, consequently, almost always generate somewhat different results. This Executive Pay Scorecard compares the various reports released […]