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February Too Much: Grand Fortunes, Grand Waste

Good things trickle down from the top, cheerleaders for grand fortune like to argue, when wealth concentrates. In real life, suggests economist Robert Frank, growing inequality makes things worse even for its ostensible beneficiaries.

May 20 Too Much: Bhutan and Basketball

If President Obama played basketball with the king of Bhutan, would the world have a better shot at becoming a happier place?

December 3, 2012 Too Much: For Pete’s Sake

How much can a billion dollars buy? The undivided attention of America’s entire political and chattering classes. Case in point: our ongoing national fixation on debt and deficit . . . The tax discount for the ultra rich . . . The arrogance of a Bank of America CEO.

October 8, 2012 Too Much: Crime in the Suites

Federal regulators have actually been cracking down somewhat lately on financial industry fraud. But the power-suited executives responsible for that fraud are still paying no personal price . . . Global wealth settling in at the summit.

Why Greater Equality Makes Us Stronger

The Spirit LevelBy every measure that matters, relatively equal nations outperform nations where income and wealth concentrate at the top. The best telling of that story.

April 25, 2011 Too Much Weekly: A Doting Granddads Alert

Outrageous compensation rewards give corporate executives an incentive to behave outrageously — against soccer moms and doting granddads. The sad tale of Cisco and the Flip video camera . . . The AFL-CIO’s latest executive pay figures . . . A new inequality ranking of the world’s major developed economies.

A Home Run of a Smash Against CEO Excess

A spirited demolition of the rationales for paying our executives king-sized compensation. A review of Pay Check: Are Top Earners Really Worth It?.

Jan 25, 2010 Too Much Weekly: The Big Payouts in Perspective

A relative handful of Americans, says a key congressional panel, will take home more this year than half the nation’s taxpayers combined . . . A trio of acadmics look at class struggle at the corporate summit . . . An $80,000 pool table that electronically tracks pool balls as they roll and other toys that the affluent young, says the publisher of Esquire, fully “deserve.”

Oct 19, 2009 Too Much Weekly: Banker Bonus Bingo

Banker bonus bingo at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase . . . The dirty bomb coming to a city near you: an eye-opening new work from Yale’s Bruce Judson . . . The scoop on America’s real “Cadillac” health plans.

Sept 14, 2009 Too Much Weekly: Here Come the Dutch!

Watch out, Wall Street, here come the Dutch — with a plan to really rein in banker bonuses . . . In Congress, Blue Dogs and their wealthy friends . . . For average folks, a tough start for century 21.