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In France, Echoes of a Daring FDR

With a call for an income cap on society’s richest, the longshot presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon has thrown a giant scare into the French political elite.

Standing Up for ‘Bullied’ CEOs

Fortune 500 chiefs make twice as much in a month as U.S. workers make in a decade. But any move to require corporations to document that disparity, a new Trump appointee likes to argue, would be shameful.

Waging Class War in Comfort

Do the corporate chiefs now parading into the new Trump administration see the United States as just another enterprise — to fleece? A look at the Trump picks and a previous big-time CEO who did cabinet service.

Sandbagging for Fun and Profit

Wells Fargo has just been hit with the biggest banking consumer fraud penalty ever. Yet the bank’s execs are walking out the door with millions in bonuses. Can we stop them?

Inequality and the Cash Register

Flacks for grand fortune would have us believe the rich are performing a public service every time they shop. Researchers tell a different story. Consumption by the rich ups the prices the non-rich pay.

Did the Beatles Help Spark the Reagan Revolution?

On this month’s 50th anniversary of one of the edgiest Beatles tracks, our rich have a reason to look back fondly on the lads from Liverpool.

Do We Need a Billionaire Class?

With worker-owned co-ops and other forms of democratic enterprise, historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz is helping America see, we can create wealth without creating a super wealthy.

Two Irrepressible Egalitarian Spirits

British epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett have changed how the world thinks about economic inequality — and they have a wealth of new insights to share. Read the complete Too Much interview . . .

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America’s Ten Greediest: The 2014 Edition

This year’s all-stars of avarice range in age from thirty-somethings to just shy of octogenarian status. They’re all doing their greedy best to keep our world a staggeringly unequal place. Read more . . .

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The Peasants Still Have Their Pitchforks

Americans want what 21st century politics has so far not delivered: real options for challenging concentrated wealth. The latest evidence.