How Inequality Hurts

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Inside Our Profoundly Unequal ‘New Normal’

Wealth’s current tilt to the top sometimes seems almost eternal. But can our economy ‘self-correct’? A provocative new paper out of the developed world’s official research agency contemplates our tomorrow.

A Private Putsch Against Public Schooling

Deep in the heart of Texas, still another billionaire is scheming to make public education a rewarding business investment opportunity.

The Dark Shadows Grand Fortune Casts

In urban hotspots like New York, the slender luxury towers of the global super rich are assaulting the sky. Inequality is literally blocking out the sun.

How Campus Chiefs Ace Executive Excess 101

The fiercer that major state universities squeeze faculty and students, a new study shows, the grander the rewards their presidents reap.

Why Our Sky Sometimes Does Start Falling

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to demonstrate the link between inequality and catastrophic environmental change. But a little help from rocket scientists can certainly help.

Can a Great City Overdose on Billionaires?

The chase after the global super rich is leaving the world’s choicest cities nastier places to live for anyone without a grand fortune.

Why Cupid Seems to Be Missing More Often

Those arrows aren’t hitting their lovelorn targets the way they once did. The reason? New research points to our growing economic divide.

Inequality: A Sure Way to Kill a Good Time

What makes a society a fun place to be? Really nice weather and exciting night-life options certainly help. So does avoiding a starkly skewed distribution of income and wealth.

From Rome, Five Essential Insights on Inequality

In plain yet powerful language, Pope Francis is challenging the givens of our deeply unequal world — and helping inspire resistance to it.

Are Heartless People Simply Born That Way?

America’s top execs don’t have the time to party. They’re too busy waging a corporate holy war against what may be the most promising check yet on executive pay excess.